When Is The Rapture Coming

The rapture is an important concept in Christian eschatology. The rapture refers to the time when Jesus will come to the earth again. This second coming is believed to be for gathering up the saints for their rewards and punishing those who ignored His instructions. After a long wait, many people, including Christians are beginning to doubt if this time will actually come to pass. Hence, concerns about when is the rapture are being addressed in almost every Christian gathering. The best way to look into this matter is by considering a few Bible passages.

Matthew 24:36 explains that nobody can predict the hour or the day of the Lord’s second return. God did not make this known to His Son, Jesus Christ and this can tell why many people have not been able to state the exact date. These predictions are strategies the devil is using to make men unprepared for the day.

Jesus said that His second coming is going to be like a thief coming in the night. Some will be drinking, some cheating, and some will be in their businesses, doing one thing or the other when he returns. The reason you may say is that God wants to catch only those who really love Him. Of course, there will be many pretenders if humans were privileged to know the day or the hour.

God wants everybody to witness the event. According to Revelation 1:7, all eyes shall see Christ coming from the clouds. This means that there will be no need for any special report for anyone who will still be on earth when it happens. Unfortunately, this will lead to several regrets and blames.

One of the things that will happen before the disappearance of saints is the sound of the trumpet. At the sound of the trumpet, the dead in Christ shall rise first, and then Christians who are still alive shall follow up to meet Christ in the clouds. The whole thing shall happen very quickly and those who are remain on earth shall face a great tribulation.

According to Revelations 3:10, anybody on earth after the rapture will face the hour of trial. This has nothing to do with one’s religious belief, race or background. As long as you are on earth, you should know you belong to God and will give account of the life you have spent someday.

The essence of God’s warning is not to terrify you. In fact, the Bible says people should be comforted with these words. This warning is meant to serve as caution to sinners and to bring all to repentance. It is also aimed at making those who think they are standing to take heed. Do not be deceived by any prediction. It is better to start preparing now.

So what’s man’s responsibility? Jesus already answered that question in Mark 13:37 by saying “be watchful”. Whether you are a pastor, an evangelist or you are still a sinner; the instruction is the same for all. It is His goodwill that all will come to repentance and inherit His Father’s blessings. Questions like when is the rapture are really not helpful because there is no concrete answer for it.

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