Tips On Safeguarding Your Marriage From The Seven-Year Itch

The seven-year itch is a well-known parlance in the married world. Yet, a lot of couples still consider it as a plain myth. Meanwhile, people in the scientific community claim that romance in marriages dies after a decade. Hence, it’s more of a 10-year itch. Well, people may have different views and findings on this but so far, what’s clear is that relationships can reach a plateau. Given this reality and the dream to have a lasting marriage, married couples like you must strive to keep your relationships in good shape.

Habitually engaging in new activities is one of the several things you can do to strengthen your marriage. According to experts, relationships usually get stale when the honeymoon period ends and couples become too familiar with one another. These are admittedly unavoidable scenarios, even natural occurrences in relationships. On the other hand, there are activities that can pave the way for new and amusing experiences that can make your marriage bounce back and be thrilling once again.

As excitement escapes relationships not only when couples become too familiar with each other but also when they become tired of or used to their surroundings, altering your home interior design can also benefit your marriage. This move is very much like the previous tip in that it can make things exciting for you and your partner. So, enlist the services of a highly recommended interior design malaysia firm and make your house look brand new and exude a romantic ambience.

In addition to doing new things and redecorating your home, communicating well with your partner also greatly helps. One of the main reasons why relationships end is communication breakdown. Don’t be part of the growing statistics! Learn how to effectively communicate with your partner and see to it that you discuss everything under sun, even matters which make you uneasy but are important to your relationship. Remember that you and your partner aren’t mind readers. So, verbalise your own needs and feelings.

Lastly, to survive the so-called seven-year itch or to simply make your marriage last, you and your partner should never lose sight of your common goals and shared values. These things can help you stay on course when struggles and temptations go your way. Your goals and values become your guides or North Star in traversing the often treacherous road to a lasting marriage.

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