Thoughts Of How And When Will The Rapture Happen

Many people try to figure out when will the rapture happen but there are still no clear answers. Some believe we are living in a time when it can occur any day now. Then there are other people who believe it has already happened. Some believe that the rapture happened many decades ago and the people who know walk upon the earth are those living in last years before the coming of Christ.

The belief is that when the event does occur all the good people shall be called away into the clouds with God. The bad people will remain on earth to go through terrible tribulations before the final coming of Christ. Some people also think that know one knows when this will happen and it shall come without warning.

Of course, there are many people who say this is not the case and that it has not occurred. They believe it surely will happen any day and that they shall be among the many called away. Many question just how is it going to take place. Some think that they will be sitting and talking with someone and out of no where they are going to disappear and go be with God. Some think it that things are going to happen a lot differently.

There is no clear explanation of how things are going to take place or if it has already occurred. There are thousands of people missing each year, but no one knows if they were called away by a higher being or if they ran away or something horrible happened to them. There are so many unanswered questions about even if the event shall occur.

It is important that people hold strong to their faith and beliefs. It is not good to be easily persuaded into accepting other peoples thoughts and opinions. Strong Christians try to share their beliefs and understanding with others to help lead them down a path of righteousness.

The New Testament reads quite differently from the Old Testament in the Bible. The different readings have confused some people into believe something differently. Many people do not know what to believe or who to believe when it comes to understanding the rapture.

Regardless, of what most people believe there is a concern that something shall take place and many people are not going to be ready to go be with God. Many churches and Christians try to educate people on how to live right so that they can be called away on the day the event happens. Most people feel being educated on the matter will get non believers into the kingdom of heaven.

Because people are not sure and do not have a clear understanding of the Bible causes them to be uncertain of when will the rapture happen. Many Christians believe regardless of whether you are reading the Old or New Testament this event is going to occur. These people want to share their beliefs and let others know that it is better to be ready than not prepared.

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