The Carrot Principle: Appreciation Increases Motivation

As Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton discuss in their bestseller The Carrot Principle, appreciation is a means of management to motivate their workforce and generate higher employee satisfaction. This isn’t simply a corporate business model, but a social principle. When we display our appreciation for the efforts of our friends, family and partner, not only will they be grateful, but they will be motivated to continue the behavior.

Motivating the Depressed

The Carrot PrincipleDealing with a depressed friend or partner can be very difficult and tiring. You may feel like you are always looking out for them and protecting them from themselves. Essentially they are an under-motivated employee who has lost their passion for the job: life. In the same way that companies improve employee satisfaction, reduce turnover and increase their return on equity through recognition programs, you can expect less arguments and more productive behavior when using this positive reinforcement method. By communicating your appreciation, you lift the vale of melancholy because the person slowly begins to believe in their abilities and sees that their actions positively affect others. Whoa there burro! Appreciation itself isn’t a solution. In The Carrot Principle, appreciation is described as an “accelerant” for already existing management qualities. Would you accept appreciation from someone you didn’t trust or who doesn’t normally communicate with you?┬áIn order for appreciation to be effective, you must already have the basic principles of good communication, listening and understanding active in your relationship. After that, dangle that carrot of appreciation out in front of them and watch as they become motivated to grasp more of it.

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