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Of the millions of people in the world living in poverty, a heartbreaking proportion of them are children, some of whom have little to no family. Living without homes, sufficient food, and education, they are looking for help. For individuals who can spare a little extra money, being able to sponsor an orphan child is an incredible gift.

Children in third world countries have an exceptionally high need for sponsors. There are many organizations that will make these types of matches. Living in developing countries comes with many obstacles including lack of resources. Kids might be living on the streets or in temporary housing and probably have not been attending school. In some areas, there are simply no schools while in others, even the young ones are needed for work and cannot attend.

Orphans in this situation have an even more difficult burden. If they are living with distant relatives, the family usually cannot afford the extra expenses, having to feed their own kids. If they are living in orphanages, there is too little money and too many mouths to care for them properly. This is why sponsorship is vital.

For those looking for a breakdown of how their money will be spent, it differs between organizations. Typically, the greatest priority is room and board, which will give the kids plenty of food and housing to thrive. In addition, they will have access to clean water and medical services. Finally, and most importantly, the kids will be sent to school to give them an chance for a better life.

In America, orphans can also be sponsored. The cost of this sponsorship might be slightly higher due to the higher cost of living in the United States. There are other bonuses though. For example, you may be able to visit with your kid or write letters back and forth more easily.

For just a small donation each month, you could be giving the ultimate gift: hope of a better life. Consider whether you would like to sponsor an orphan child today.

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