Reduce Poor Performance In Businesses Through Online Background Check

Businesses need to know the kind of workers accessing their premises and assets and this is why it is essential that vendor and extended workforce screening is done. An online background check enhances stability, security and good performance in workplace. Although your current employee screening may ensure that you hire good employees, you may not know the quality of other workers who have access to your premises.

According to U. S. Chamber of Commerce, about 30 percent of small-scale business enterprises fail in achieving their goals because they are affected by employee theft. Business owners and managers are concerned about the increasing insecurity among the workforce. There are security issues touching on employees, personal safety and business assets. With these security issues, companies could find themselves on the losing end if they do not carry proper background screening.

The perceived difference may be indistinguishable to the public as when people see the workers accessing your premises they think that they are the employees of the company and not vendors or contractor. Any crimes or violations of the law that are committed may affect the reputation of your business although they are not actually employee of your company. You can expand your existing background screening to cover vendors, staffing firms, independent contractors, consultants and other third parties.

Your IT systems may be accessed and maintained by an outsourced IT company. If the workers are not credible, they could lead to breach of contract that could cost your company dearly. With a vendor-screening program, you could reduce workplace risks, standardize your screening program and ensure compliance.

Although many businesses rely on pre-employment screening, this may not be sufficient because workers can still develop habits that could subject the businesses into poor performance or legal pursuits. When workers are employed, they may have no criminal records but with time, they begin developing bad behaviors. A worker who shows repetitive arrests from traffic violations can be an indication that he or she could cause accidents when in line of duty.

Hiring the wrong cadre of employees subjects a business to continuous poor performance even after investing in training and worker development. According to Wall Street Journal, on average, almost half of all the newly hired workers do not perform to expectations. This Journal has also reported that about 34 percent of all applicants on a job give outright lies about their education, experience, and ability to deliver essential job functions.

Companies spend a lot of money in compensations for personal injuries caused by employees. Moreover, companies also need to screen workers before hiring them. One challenging task human resource managers and employers face is determining the credibility of workers. Employees are likely to provide faulty information on their CVs including academic, past experience as well as their ability to handle certain jobs.

By carrying out online background check, companies can find out essential information including criminal records about employees. This information can go a long way in preventing violent incidents within employees or poor performance due to hiring incapable workers. The screening helps eliminate incidents of crimes and other questionable behaviors that could taint the image and reputation of a company.

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