Plan Now To Book Your Stress Free Wedding In Key West

If you have thought about having a beach wedding anywhere in the United States, Key West, Florida is the natural choice. It is a wonderful and secluded place that still maintains a beauty worthy of the name paradise. However, because this location is well sought after, you must make your decisions about when to have the ceremony way in advance. This leaves many women wondering: how far in advance should I book my Key West wedding.

The short answer to this question is nine months to one year. It can however get a bit complicated because in order to stick to this timeline, one has to ensure that many factors are in their favor. This includes: the weather and time of year, rental of the venue (in some cases), availability of accommodations for guests and the availability of all the things you would need for the ceremony.

The easy way to “line things up” in your favor, especially with a ceremony in this location is to book a date at the perfect time of year. This date should always be outside of the wedding season (March through June). Also ensure that that date does not coincide with the rainy (May to October) or hurricane (June to November)seasons that affect these keys every year. Hence the best months to have your wedding would be December to April, there will be less congestion and more sun.

After choosing your date it is time to think of your venue and the accommodations of your guests. Book hotel rooms months before to avoid confusion and ensure that all guests confirm early. Finding the venue in the off-season is easy because competition is not as high. There are many beaches on these Keys hence finding the one that suits you will not be hard.

Now that you know how much time in advance you will need, and when your wedding will be, you have to start planning the details immediately. Determine the things you will get locally versus those you will take. The more things, sourced locally could result in cheaper prices overall, because you would not have to worry about mobilization.

You can source anything from a cake for the ceremony to chairs for the beach locally. Do the necessary research or hire someone to do it for you. All you must worry about getting to the location are the people and their things.

How far in advance should I book my Key West wedding is a valid question for anyone planning a ceremony in this location. It is a highly sought after location for these types of events and thus one should not take the booking process lightly. Book with enough time that will allow you to get the ceremony of your dreams.

You can find details about important things to consider when planning Key West weddings and information about a reliable bridal consultant who specializes in Key West beach weddings, now.

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