Pennsylvania – State Divorce Records

Vital accounts such as divorce decrees are legal court documents that attest to the validity of a dissolution of marriage. These records are a matter of public domain, which means they can be accessed by any individual for review purposes and the validation of one’s civil status in certain legal transactions. Individuals who had been divorced in any of the 67 counties in the state of Pennsylvania can access their Pennsylvania divorce records through various means. The state government has several agencies and sanctioned establishments that provide regular civilians access to vital documents.

The traditional source of vital records like the Pennsylvania Department of Health does not have the permission to disseminate divorce decrees or marriage licenses. Its Division of Vital Records is only authorized to provide birth certificates and death reports to civilians who have requested them. This is because divorce and marriage documents are stored and maintained at the county level. Therefore, if you wish to acquire extra copies of your divorce decree, you will have to submit your request at the county courthouse in the county where the event occurred.

To gain access to your divorce papers, you will need to contact the county courthouse where your divorce was granted. The official website of the Pennsylvania Department of Health contains a list of all the county courthouses in the state, as well as their contact information. You may want to talk to a clerk and explain your situation so that he or she can advise you on what to do next. You may need to provide a few key details before the search of the record can commence. In some counties, the case’s docket number will be required, which can be obtained through an online public access system. Fees may vary between counties, so you will want to ask about that as well.

If you wish to pay a visit to the county courthouse that granted the divorce, you may want to bring with you a printed copy of your request. Official request forms are downloadable in most of the county portals, which can be accessed through the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s website. In some counties, you may have to type and print your own request. Be sure to include the request date, the name of the requester (with your signature), the names of the divorce parties, the case docket number just to be sure, and the number of copies you want to obtain.

Requests done through mail are also accepted in the state and county offices. Using the same divorce records request form inserted in a self-addressed envelope along with a personal check or money order, you can receive a certified copy of the document you asked for within a few working days. If you specifically requested multiple copies of the said document, make sure that the check you included in the mail coincides with the total amount due.

In comparison, independent record search websites can be rather practical and cost-efficient when it comes to providing adequate access to states divorce records and other vital profiles. If you are running a background check or are simply trying to review your own records, these online record providers will help you accomplish the task a lot quicker. With a small one-time registration fee, reputable online data services can yield comprehensive results on every search you perform, which is unlimited by the way.

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