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North Carolina marriage records have been accessible since the Freedom of Information Act has been implemented. This had made the state an open state which has allowed its local residents to easily obtain a copy of their personal documents or files.

Marriage records contain information about the marriage of a couple. One would know when and where the marriage took place. One would also know the couples names before they got married as well as the names of their parents. Important people who attended the ceremony such as the witnesses and the sponsors are also found on the document.

Marriage records are used in a number of ways in North Carolina. One of its primary uses is to conduct genealogy research. It is one of the resources used in updating the information on the family tree. Government transactions would also require the need for a marriage license in order to proceed with the request that they have. Some people would use such document to check out the marital status of the person they are dating. This allows them to ensure that the one’s they are dating a really single as they claim they were.

The office of the Vital Records Section can only release records dated since January 1962. Files before that year has to be requested at the county where the couple got married. Requesting for a copy of the marriage certificate in North Carolina would cost $24 only. Only the bride or the groom as well as their immediate family members are allowed to obtain a copy of their marriage license. Those who desperately need to get a copy of somebody else’s file have to secure a court order.

The office of the Vital Records Section in North Carolina is where public documents of the state are being kept such as the marriage license records. One can also get a copy of their marriage license from the county where the marriage took place. One can send a mail request addressed to the state office. With this, one can be saved from the hassle of going to the office to file the request there, however, this method may return the results of the search after a few days, and thus it may delay the use of the said document.

With the development of technology, obtaining a copy of a North Carolina marriage license records is now a breeze. The search has been made simple and convenient for all. There is no need to go to any office since it can be done at home. The results are also displayed in just a few seconds instead of waiting for days. This method is now becoming popular because of its convenient and it is very easy to use.

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