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A divorce record is made when the married couple no longer feels the need that they have to stay together. This makes the separation legal and acceptable. This document is considered as a public document which allows the residents of a certain state to access their personal records anytime. This document is archived at the office of the Vital Records Section.

Divorce records, although it is a public document, has very limited information on it. One would only find the basics of the separation. The names of the couple are one of the important details that can be found on it. Other details such as the place and date when the couple got divorced are indicated on the file. Also, the name of the one who approved of the divorce is indicated on the file.

Most of the important information about the divorce is kept away from the public. One would not find the reason why the couple filed for separation on a public document. Information about the custody of the child and asset division and other financial matters are also kept confidential. This was done to protect the privacy of the individuals involved as well as to prevent unwanted release of information.

There are also limitations as to who can gain access to the divorce record of an individual. The involved individuals would have no problems requesting for their personal files. Descendants and genealogy researchers are also given access to the file. Some who needs the record for their personal use would need to secure a court order to have the request granted. Also, one has to know that not all of the divorce files can be obtained in a certain state. Some state may have only kept divorce files from a certain period or year.

The process to request for a divorce certificate may vary per state. Some state does not release copies of the said document at the Vital Records Section; this means that the record has to be requested at the local county clerk office. In addition to that, processing fee is also not the same. There is one common thing that almost all of the state has, which is the long wait time. It usually takes days to get the requested file from the office. The development of technology has changed the way information is being shared.

Online retrieval of a divorce record is now very easy and convenient. One can do the divorce records search even at home and the results are displayed after doing a few clicks of the mouse. With this, the need to fall in line and go to an office has been eliminated. Many would prefer to do the online search because of their busy schedule and the fast retrieval of the record.

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