Immaturity, The Male Mind, And Funny Tee Shirts

Guys have one goal in life and one goal only, and that goal is to get women to like them. In some convoluted, messed-up way…guys who make girls mad are only doing it to ultimately make those same girls want them. When a man drives forward to be a success, they do it because that will give them money. Money gives men the power of security. Women crave security, and therefore men with power. Therefore, men only want to succeed in life in order to make women want them. When a man is not successful, he must resort to other means to gain attention…like funny tshirts and other harassments.

Funny tee shirts are a great place to start when analyzing the inner mind of dudes everywhere. Guys will put a funny t-shirt on strictly for the purpose of making a girl stare at him for more than a few seconds. He chooses a shirt that is provocative, offensive, or misogynist because he is trained by his past experiences to know that these get the most attention. Even negative attention from a girl is enough to make a fellow return to that same behavior.

There was a time many moons ago when we were all little children, fresh from beneath our mothers’ skirts and into the classroom. This is a social experiment for many young children, and some of the first intimate interactions most boys will have with females. How do males handle this first contact situation? Why, they push little girls in the mud and laugh while the poor girl cries. Wearing funny tee shirts that provoke and offend really are not much different from this simple behavior.

Funny shirts are nowhere near as painful nor traumatic as physically assaulting someone and then laughing about it, but it can have similar effects. Guys only want attention, and if they can’t get a positive reaction then they will certainly opt for a negative one. A negative reaction is much preferable than no reaction at all, so a man will intentionally rouse a woman to anger before letting her walk away, never to be heard from again.

Guys are simple creatures and they respond to simple stimulus. Being a representative of the male gender gives me a certain introspective view of the whole situation that women will never be able to grasp. All you have to remember when you see a man being an idiot and wearing funny t-shirts is that it is all for your own benefit. You should be quite flattered that someone would make a moron of themselves all for you.

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