How To Deal With Frustration

Frustration can be difficult to deal with. It occurs for any number of reasons and in any number of situations, but the bottom line is that it is caused by being annoyed or upset at a particular circumstance that you cannot change. Becoming frustrated can happen easily and in any type of environment.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from; frustration can easily happen to you. One of the main reasons for people becoming frustrated is that it is impossible to control every detail of your life. As a result, minor situations like not running on time or getting stuck in traffic can be very frustrating. People also become frustrated at work when they cannot complete set tasks.

If you are frustrated, you must be sure to not let it turn into anger. An angry person is a potentially dangerous one. If you are angry, this emotional state could lead you to behave in an irrational manner, which you may regret at a later stage. One example of angry behavior as a result of being frustrated is that of a mother to a newborn who cries constantly. In being tired, frustrated and eventually angry, that mother may actually physically harm her child.

How should you handle being frustrated? It is important to recognize that this emotion stems from negativity and lack of resolution. A bad financial state, a stressful working environment and coping with bad drivers on the road are all frustrating situations. Being frustrated can stem from something as simple as not have someone to listen to you vent.

One way to overcome the emotion is to increase and recognize the amount of positive things in one’s life. Even though one situation may be undesirable, it pays to take note of other things to be grateful for that could counteract the negativity of the first circumstance, such as a loving family or taking part in something enjoyable. Being grateful is a way to increase positive emotions and encourage more of the same into our daily lives.

Talking also helps. Whether this be to a good friend, a supportive family member or a therapist, it is necessary to expel unwanted emotions from our minds and bodies in a healthy manner. Discussing the emotions and situations that make us vulnerable and depressed can help to minimize the seemingly huge issues. Furthermore, it is always possible that talking about our feelings may just get us the helping hand that we need in a particular situation.

Alone time is key in dealing with anything frustrating. Spend such time indulging in a hobby, a book or meditation. Taking time to be silent is a good method of finding resolutions to situations that simply cannot be found in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In a frustrating or stressful situation, a person can take a few moments to quiet themselves and breathe, finding their center and regrouping before moving ahead.

Another way to stop frustration from happening to you is to stop expecting too much and learn to give up control at times. People who need to control everything find themselves very disappointed when things don’t always go as planned. As such, it’s important to remember that life is about enjoying the ride and learning to relax every now and then.

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