Here are 8 Different Ways On How To Get A Boyfriend

So, you are fed up with spending Saturday nights alone, uh? And you don’t know how to get a boyfriend. Choosing a boyfriend is a lot harder than picking out a piece of fruit. First, you need to know what type of character traits you want your guy to have and then you need to know where to find this type of guy.

This world is full of places to find a man. They attend school if it is not a school for girls; they shop where you shop, and if you go to church, they worship there too.

I have compiled 8 strategies below to help attract the right guy for you.

1) First of all, like I stated earlier, you need to know what kind of guy you want in your life. Before you go out shopping for a guy, so to speak, sit down at your kitchen table or find a quiet place and write down a list of personality traits you want your new beau to have, such as cleanliness, intelligence, trustworthiness, generosity, sense of humor, and ambition.

This first step is a very crucial one because it is the determining factor whether or not you will choose the right guy for yourself. You don’t want to get infatuated or get involved with a guy that is all wrong.

When you meet a guy and you find yourself attracted to him, read your list you made out several weeks ago and be certain that this guy fits the profile you are looking for.

If this big fish does not have at least 80% of the qualities you are searching for on your list, throw him back into the sea.

2) Before you jump into a new relationship, make sure you are over the old one first. You should resolve old disappointments and past hurts that happened with your old boyfriend.

The reason why you want to resolve or come to terms with any past grievances or hurts you have experienced in the past is because you want to give your new relationship a chance to flourish and grow. And it can’t do this if it is stuck in poor soil.

3) Another popular technique that women use to get the guy she wants is to emphasize her best features and work on the ones that needs improvement.

Bring out the best traits about yourself, maybe the guy you want shares the same interests. For instance, if your figure is nice and shapely, where nice clothes that fit. This will boost your self-confidence. If you love to cook, bring him one of your best dishes. As you already know, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

4) When you meet a guy for the first time that you might like to date, make him feel good about himself by getting involved in what is important to him. When he talks about sports, himself, and/or his aspirations, listen to him.

When people talk, they can reveal a lot about themselves. So, take this opportunity to let him talk and in so doing you will find out if this is the man you want to build a future with.

5) Have you considered dating guys where you work? I don’t mean date someone from the same department but what about someone in a different department.

If you attend college, is there someone in your class you are attracted to? Believe it or not, the best people that will make good mates are right under our noses.

6) Another way to find a boyfriend is to get your friends involved in the hunt. You and your friends spend a lot of time together and they know you pretty well. They might know of someone whom is perfect for you.

7) If someone already interests you, tell your friends about him or ask a classmate or co-worker you can trust to tell him you are attracted to him if you are too shy to do so.

8) Being a guy’s secret admirer is another technique that some women have used to get a boyfriend. Send the guy you like some fragrant-scented notes with cute messages written on them or send him a masculine fruit basket. This guy will be elated and caught off guard by this. By the way, in your notes, drop subtle hints as to your identity.

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