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When my ex declared her decision to move on without me in her tow I thought she was joking. After all we had been together for over 5 years and we had hoped to get married one day, at least in my fantasies. I, therefore, did not take it seriously. Indeed I smiled and patted her good night, upon which she turned and walked to the direction I was facing while talking to her. Little did I know that I was such a wreck without her.

You will probably know when you are in denial because despite your repeated self assurances that you are fine, you will always be finding it hard to forget your ex. Any of your attempts to completely erase him or her from you mind will be met by involuntary resistance by your conscious. Your unconscious, meanwhile, will be yearning for that opportunity that can open a window of getting your ex back. You may, for example, feel disappointed when your phone rings only to find out it is him or her trying to call.

What many people result to when they are driven by the unconscious spirit of getting their ex back is that they indulge in some form of escapism. They may, for instance, indulge themselves in work. In this case they will just lock out their other social requirements preferring instead to concentrate on the profession or trade. This may work for a while and indeed it is a good defense mechanism but ultimately the question: ‘how will I get my ex back,’ will always be lingering.

Getting your ex back is important to both of you. It will help heal your emotional wounds as well as provide you with a feeling of achievement which is always compromised when a break up occurs. It helps you to become more sensitive of each and as a result, therefore, become better partners. It is important to remember that moving on and starting another relationship may not be the solution because the same break up may happen in your new relation. This may leave in a bad emotional shape which may affect you throughout your entire life.

It is always advisable to take a proactive approach in getting your wife back. This is good for you and for other person. First, it shows an ability to be extroverted. Introversion is not a virtue worth emulating. Indeed the first lessons our parents and teachers always strive to impart on the young people is the need to look outside of self in attempt to help the young people develop concern for others. Therefore by looking for an earliest opportunity to dialogue is a good demonstration of this virtue.

I felt my knees give way and immediately I collapsed. She must have observing me because when I came by, I found her by my bedside. It was at the dispensary. The medical assistant was kind enough to allow her to remain beside me. “I am sorry I muttered to her”, before she could gather sufficient wit to respond I followed with, “will you marry me?” She collapsed.

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