Georgia Marital Record Available Online

Georgia, like any other state, maintains a centralized depository of all public records in its jurisdiction. The state’s Department of Health oversees the Vital Records Division. This office handles Georgia marriage records, birth documents, and death certificates. Divorce decrees, on the other hand, are only accessible through verification. The Vital Records Division can and will verify the date and the county where the divorce was settled. Birth certificates and death reports are valued at $25 per copy, while marriage accounts and divorce verifications will cost you $10 each.

The state’s Vital Records office keeps birth and death certificates that dates back to January 1919, while the marriage accounts in this department only goes back to June 9th, 1952. With certified copies of marriage documents from the aforementioned date all the way to 1996 also available at the state office. And as for the other years that were not mentioned, you can contact the county vital statistics office or the probate judge in the county where the event occurred or the license was issued. Divorce decrees, on the other hand, are only available at the Clerk of Superior Court in the originating county.

The state of Georgia’s marriage index has documents that are dated 34 years prior to Georgia’s statehood, January 2nd 1788. County probate court offices keep these documents for future reference, especially in counties that has a broader database. But since these types of documents can already be considered ancient, proper authentication do apply to ensure its integrity. Processing fees for each copy of these records may differ between county offices.

Genealogy research, employment background check, and marital history search, all of these tasks require a reliable source of accurate and up-to-date information. State and county offices are quite efficient when it comes to distributing public data, but policies do tend to lengthen the entire process unnecessarily. These days, if you want unobstructed access to vital reports without having to deal with mandatory procedures and other government policy induced headaches, you should consider finding a good online record search service. With it, you can run unlimited public record searches on a statewide or nationwide level.

A lot of online record providers today have the means to generate large-scale information and search results of vital documents that are sought after by most individuals. Account registration and an affordable one-time fee is all that you will need to get access to a wide selection of public domain information. The entire process will only take a couple of minutes or less. Once you are logged-in to your account, finding vital reports and running background checks is significantly easier and effortless. No more long procedures or requirements. Just a quick name search with a few search parameter tweaking and you should have your results in no time.

So, if you are looking to run a marriage record search or a comprehensive background check on a potential partner of a job applicant, find a good online vital record service. Stop wasting time and effort on completing request forms or standing in line at a local government office. You can be a lot more productive using modern online resources.

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