Divorce Records In New York

New York Divorce records are categorized into two: divorce decree and divorce certificate. A divorce decree is the original divorce document that was filed at the county where the separation was granted while a certificate is the archived record that can be requested from the office of the Department of Health.

Both records would contain the names of the couple as well as the address of residence. The certificate would contain the details of the separation such as the date and the place where it was granted. The decree, on the other hand would contain some private matters such as the custody of the child and the division of assets and liabilities.

When conducting a research on the family history, divorce records are one of the last documents that are used as reference. Although, it is plays a lesser role in the research, it may still cause bigger problems in the future if the marriage is not updated. A divorce certificate is required when the separated individual plans to marry again. It is also used by an individual who has suspicions on the marital status of their partners. This allows them to ensure that they are going out with an attached or single individual person.

It was only until January 1, 1963 that the state of New York started to issue separation certificates. It only cost $30 to obtain a copy of a divorce record in New York. Not everyone can see anyone’s divorce files. Only the husband and the wife are given access to their own records. Other people can request for the file once they can provide a court order for the retrieval of someone else’s file. When requesting for the record, one has to provide the basic information of the divorce such as the date and the county where it happened.

The public document of New York, which includes the divorce records of the state, is managed by the Department of Health under the Vital Records Section. Mail request can also be done; however, the result of the mail order can be delivered after 8 weeks from the time it was sent. One can also request for the record over the phone which only takes at least 5 days to get results. Internet request are now becoming popular among the residents of New York because of its ease of use.

With the development of technology, obtaining public documents are now a breeze. A divorce certificate or a divorce decree can now be requested without putting much effort into it. The search can now be done at home and this is the primary reason why many would go for the online option because it is easier and convenient to use.

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