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As opposed to what many men and women assume, Singapore’s judicial system has on no account fallen behind. Furthermore, the country’s neighbors have had zero influence on their legal system at all. That said, there are lots of similarities with the United Kingdoms’ judicial system, nevertheless this is only to be anticipated, since the country was under British rule for a very long time.

Nowadays, if you appear in a Singaporean courtroom on a criminal conviction, sentencing is normally much more severe than you would come across in most western countries. Other than this however, the Singapore legal system hasn’t been altered very much in the least.

In terms of divorce proceedings, or any other type of civil cases for that matter, Singapore courts are not particularly different to European courts. On one hand, this means you will be able to expect to be dealt with fairly, but on the other hand, it means you can also stand to lose very much should you plan to proceed without the right legal representation.

Just like in other countries, there is absolutely no shortage of cheap divorce lawyers in Singapore. As a matter of fact, when it comes to divorce lawyers Singapore definitely has its fair share. Despite the fact that this may be a good thing, because let’s be honest, competitors helps to keep rates down, it can also result in you ending up with a lawyer that is short of hands on experience in this specific field. Regrettably, many law firms in Singapore are describing themselves as being lawyers for divorce, regardless that they rarely do such cases.

If you decide to meet with a few lawyers to speak about your circumstances, you might find that one or two are in favor of resolving the case out of court. Others might not even suggest this possibility, and if they don’t then you ought to treat it as a warning sign that the lawyer involved is more interested in your fee than he is in obtaining the best results for you.

While it’s many times possible to avoid having to show up in court for your divorce, there are times when it’s simply unavoidable. In such instances, it’s usually because of disputes regarding the custody of children and etc. If it seems like a divorce is your only option, it’s wise to get in touch with seasoned lawyer as soon as you can

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