Different Kinds Of Fabric Church Banners

Fabric church banners provide a great way for members to celebrate holidays, different seasons or religious events. There are a lot of types that feature a variety of images and phrases, as well as a lot of different kinds of fabrics that can be used to create them. Some folks like to make their own, while some choose to purchase them from a book or supply store or online or from a professional who will specially make them.

A banner may be put at the front of the sanctuary to help to celebrate a season like Summer or Fall and might have the image of a flower or a shiny sun on it. These are often used as a decorative fixture and might not have any type of religious value. This kind and style of banner may be used in a Sunday School classroom or in the foyer of a building to help to decorate it for a season.

Other types of flags have more religious significance. For instance, some might have a religious icon on them such as a cross, a dove which is often used to symbolize the Holy Spirit or peace or a picture of a Bible. This type of banner can be used at any type of year and is often used merely as a decorative element or something that can help church goers focus on religious subjects.

A flag or banner might also be used to recognize certain holidays or seasons on the religious calendar. Some instances of these might be a Christmas flag that features a picture of the nativity or the wise men. During the Easter holiday, there might be a flag that has a lily, a cross, an empty tomb or another holiday image.

Some might also feature a religious phrase. Scripture verses are very popular motifs for these types of flags and could include a reference to a scripture or the entire verse. Encouraging types of words might also be used and could include phrases like “Hallelujah” or “Praise the Lord.”

Finding a banner can be as easy as going to the local Bible book store or church supply place or a quick Internet search. But for a pastor or congregation looking for a specific type of banner, there are places where they can be specially ordered. They might even include the name of the congregation or could simply include the phrase or image alone.

Some people might try to make a banner on their own. A simple type of banner can be made out of felt by gluing or sewing other pieces of felt and fabric and notions onto it. More complicated ones can be made out of other types of fabric with a silk screened image or can be made by printing on vinyl.

Fabric church banners come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics and sizes to serve a wide range of customers and to fit a wide range of interiors. They can be bought premade or they can be ordered with certain words or images on them or they can even be made by hand or specially ordered. They are a great way to relay encouraging icons, messages or can serve as a decoration.

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