Controlling Your Emotions Through Hypnosis

Feelings, feelings, feelings! Does your entire life appears to be run by the way you feel? Often you feel great, other times dreadful and for the majority of time you're feeling just all alright. When you're feeling great “on top of the planet” does it not feel just like you can accomplish anything? When you feel down, depressed or negative do you feel like nothing is actually worth the effort and regardless of if it were you would doubtless fail anyhow? As I've recounted much of the time you will find yourself somewhere in the middle, just muddling through life everyday. But , what do you actually think you could achieve if you might control your emotional state and evoke any emotion you wanted?

So as to develop this ability you should first realize what an emotion is. Emotions are not monsters or masters of your state. They are merely feelings that you create from your own perceptions. You evoke emotions primarily based on external and internal circumstances that themselves are usually based primarily on your previous experiences!

When you experience a feeling, it is only an emotion that has been caused by your thoughts and these thoughts, in turn, have been caused by your memories. These memories can be either pleasant or agonizing depending on how you processed the situation when it at first happened. When challenged with a corresponding situation or event in the present your brain replays these memories at a conscious, or often, unconscious level and feeds back to you the emotion connected with it.

We give our emotions and feelings many alternative names like joy, pleasure, contentment, fear, pain, frustration, angriness but there are really just two emotions. One feels nice and the other feels bad!

I’m sure you know the effects of feeling bad and good. You know that when you do a job and feel better about it is far more likely to succeed than if you feel bad about it. In truth if your sentiments are extraordinarily bad you'll probably not even attempt the undertaking at all! Fear takes over!

What if you could feel really good in circumstances where before you felt bad? What do you really think that would mean for you?

Your emotional responses reside in your subconscious mind. It controls them and it is responsible for feeding the feelings to you at a conscious level. That's why it can be so hard or almost not possible for you to form emotions consciously. You cannot just tell yourself to be happy and suddenly you are crammed with joy. Actually the opposite generally happens as your unconscious mind reinforces the opening emotion and thoughts with more of the same!

So how do You combat this?

Well since your emotive reactions reside in your unconscious mind, it is obvious that if you would like to change them you want to gain access to your unconscious mind and reprogram it – just like a P. C.!

So how do You do this?

Well fortunately there is a way and its far easier than you think. It is, of course, called HYPNOSIS . Through the utilising of hypnosis or self hypnosis you can easily and quickly get access to the subconscious.

“Ok that all sounds very good” you may say, “but what should I do then Sherlock?”

Well a skilful hypnotist, whether in real life or on a recording, can very quickly ‘anchor ‘ new feelings to old memories. He will take a memory which has some awfully bad emotive reactions attached to it and neutralize those emotions. Then he will re-connect your old memory with new positive emotions.

This implies the utilization of some really advanced sorts of NLP (which can also be used very effectively without hypnosis). The positive has a bearing on of these systems leaves you free from old memories that block you from moving forward in your life and also reprogram your consciousness to feel hopeful and optimistic when confronted with similar eventualities in the present and future.

This is also how fears are dealt with and explaining this process should supply you with some idea of the power and advantages of using it on other emotional issues. Let’s say you have a genuine fear of spiders. Now everyone knows that a phobia of spiders is irrational in most cases and has no foundation in truth. A place spider can do you absolutely no harm! So you get a hypnosis recording to deal with your arachnophobia. So what happens?

First the hypnotist will relax your body and spirit and then get you to consider a happy scene full of lovely attractive creatures that you like. Say for instance you love little fluffy kittens. He'll dunk you in the image and guide you to the beauty of the animal and waken kindly, loving emotions. Then he will ask you to think of a spider. He may get you to put roller-skates on it and watch it attempting to walk or get you to fantasize it's got a funny face or kindly demeanour. In this manner he will neutralise the. Negative feelings you currently hold about the arachnid. Then he'll connect the prior image of the kittens, and so the positive emotions linked with it, to the image of the funny spider. You will also be steered to see the beauty of this little creature and its utility in nature. Thus, occasionally in one session, you can fully reverse a fear!

Likewise the emotive reaction to any situation, circumstance, person or event can be reversed to whatever positive emotional response you need. Such is the power of hypnosis and the creativity of your wits. You will simply learn to react in a different, more positive, way and thru modern psychological techniques you can learn to do it in any fashion you want.

So , there's truly no excuse to suffer at the hands of your negative emotions any more. You can reprogram your consciousness to feel any way you need. Look at it, you will just like it!

Rick Smith is a Consulting Hypnotist with MindRelease Hypnosis London who help individual how to get an improved life.

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