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A marriage is a lasting commitment that is made by two people. It signifies the willingness of these two individuals to become one and live as husband and wife. Although marriages are happy events, there are some states, such as California, which do not have a healthy marriage rate. But should you need information about California marriages, a good place to start looking for information would be California Marriage Records.

The agency which sees to it that marriage records are managed and maintained properly is the California Department of Public Health, Office of Vital Records. This office keeps documents related to birth, death, marriage, and divorce. When it comes to marriage documents, one can access files which are from the year 1850 until the present.

Among the most popular reasons for requesting marriage documents is genealogy research. There are a lot of families who want to trace their family history and look for their long, lost relatives, write their family biographies or memoirs or simply discover about the past. Other than for research purposes, marriage documents are also used as supporting documents for many different companies and institutions. Newly married couples who are employed may need to submit this document to update his or her civil status. Applying for a license, job, passport, insurance, and the like may also require this as proof that you are married.

Applications for copies of marriage documents are usually sent by mail to the Office of Vital Records. The requesting party must provide the needed information such as the complete name of the groom, the first and maiden last name of the bride, and the date of marriage. Providing this information can help trim down the search results for the marriage document you are looking for. There is also a corresponding fee and it will take about 6 months before the results will be sent back to you. If you are not in a hurry then this will be a good enough option. But for those who value time and instant feedback, you can avail of the services of online commercial search sites.

Through this method, searching for information is more convenient and hassle-free. You do not have to go to the state office or mail your request. You just have to go online, provide the name of the person and the location, pay for the $19.95 fee, and get the results. It is simple to use and very accessible. Because it is online, searching can be done at any place and at any time, even by those who are not anymore residing in California. This also makes it easy to conduct statewide and nationwide searches.

Marriage Records can be obtained easily through online commercial search sites. You only have to pay $19.95 per copy, spend a few minutes of waiting, and then get the results. When you are after convenience, online searching is a better alternative.

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