A Quick Look At The Work Of Background Investigation Companies

Picture this; John, an attractive man in his thirties, decides to hit on Jane, a beautiful, voluptuous blonde, who also happens to be a billionaire heiress. Unsure of John’s intentions, and his past, Jane pays a private investigator to dig up everything he can on John. This may sound like the synopsis of a Hollywood blockbuster, but it is actually one of the many tasks that background investigation companies handle on a daily basis.

These investigators handle cases from diverse clientele; spouses who suspect their mates of cheating, headhunters interested in a potential employees background, governments checking up on an alleged terrorist among others. These services were once so expensive that only wealthy individuals, companies and governments could afford them. Fees have fallen steeply, however, and almost anybody can afford to hire a private investigator.

Apart from investigations, these firms also offer other services. One of the most important is a fingerprint matching service, which is of great value to law enforcement agencies. They also provide training to individual and corporate clients. Some have even branched out into providing security, an important service in an age where terrorist groups and Somali pirates seem to kidnap with abandon. They will also litigation support for clients who are involved in court cases.

Contrary to what some people think, background screening is not a product of paranoia. For instance, think of a company where employees will have unfettered access to expensive equipment and products, or even confidential information; without some sort of screening process, it is possible for an organization to hire thieves or spies. In some cases, organizations may not even have a choice; screening is a legal requirement in some countries.

No one would like to work with those who cannot get along with others, violent people, or sex pests. Companies can make their workplaces safe and more productive by conducting environment checks. They will also catch anyone with a history of poor work habits such as lateness or absenteeism, and weed out poor performers. Ultimately, this will save any organization a lot of money, as they will not have to keep replacing employees. Hiring should not be done needlessly, as it is an expensive and time consuming process.

Woe to the organization that hires people without checking their backgrounds. If something goes wrong, the company may find itself at the wrong side of the law. In an age where information can move around the world in seconds, the company may also have to battle negative public opinion. This may even affect an organization’s bottom line in cases where consumers choose to reject its products or services as a way of showing their displeasure.

Screening is not the exclusive reserve of corporate bodies; the process holds immense benefits for individuals too. Many lives have been saved because a lover choose to overrule the yearnings of a heart and listen to the warnings of a private investigator. No one can count the money saved when the surrounding check revealed that a potential mate was actually a gold digger.

A variety of business owners swear by this process, as some have been saved money and heartache through the process of screening. Parents worried about their children’s friends can engage the services of background investigation companies. The process can sometimes lead to worries about privacy, but ultimately, it heals more than it harms. Just ask Harry.

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